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DeepFeet Ashiatsu Classes

Barefoot Basics
25 CE Credits | 3 Days
​Tuition $750  | Deposit $325
Pre-Requisite: Licensed MT
A comprehensive three day course that teaches licensed professionals how to administer barefoot massage techniques.  Therapists will learn 1 footed posterior and anterior strokes and have plenty of 'feet on' time in class. Upon completion, body-workers will be able to deliver a detailed 90 minute posterior and anterior Ashiatsu session.
Each therapist taking the class must feel comfortable standing and moving around on a massage table. Weight of the student is not as important as grace and flexibility while performing Deepfeet Bar Therapy. You will receive 25 credit hours, which you can apply to your NCBTMB certification, AMTA or ABMP renewal. 
​DeepFeet Sarga Silks 
16 CE Credits | 2 Days
​Tuition $500  | Deposit $225
Pre-Requisite: Licensed MT
Deepfeet Sarga Silks is a 2-day course that teaches students how to properly install and utilize the Sarga floor system. Barefoot techniques taught are western focused and include a variety of new DeepFeet strokes, to deliver an effective and therapeutic Ashiatsu floor massage treatment. The course focuses on the posterior aspect of the body and includes some anterior protocols so that upon completion, the body-worker will be able to deliver a 60-90 minute Sarga Silks session. This course is ideal for mobile therapists, therapists that cannot install overhead bars or anyone seeking NEW barefoot methods to enhance your practice.
Refresher Courses 
​Private Class $150  | Group Class $525
Feeling a little rusty on your Ashiatsu strokes? Take a refresher and give and/ or receive a barefoot massage. 
Private Class: A one-on-one with the instructor based on what you remember (or don't remember!). 3-4 hours of instruction tailored to what you want to review.
Group Class: Join a regularly scheduled 3-day class and give and receive barefoot massages while meeting new barefoot friends! Must attend all three days. You will receive the full 25 CEUs as long as it has been 12+ months from your last Barefoot Basics class.
Ashi Thai |
16 CE Credits | 2 Days
​Tuition $500  | Deposit $200
Pre-Requisite: Licensed MT
Ashi-Thai is an expression of traditional Thai stretches that have been modified utilizing the overhead bar system and therapists’ body so no heavy lifting or bending occurs at the waist. This flowing and rhythmic approach to Thai massage was developed for Ashiatsu therapists seeking to expand their barefoot knowledge and add more strokes to their Ashi tool bag. 
Techniques has been arranged following traditional Thai energy lines and stretches for elongating and relieving tightness in commonly used muscle groups.  At the end of this course you will have a unique new skill set that your clients will be extremely impressed with.
Adv. Anterior/ Side Lying (DF3)
8 CE Credits | 1.5 Days
​Tuition $300  | Deposit: $125
Pre-Requisite: Certified in Basics

Three techniques; compression, engage, activate; work in harmony to provide an effective muscle release technique that is beneficial for clients experiencing pain and limited range of motion from repetitive stress injuries, work out related soreness and past traumas or injuries resulting in scar tissue formation.

Client assistance during the application is involved with multi-positioning to locate anterior, lateral, medial and sagittal muscles in relationship to surrounding structures and landmarks.

Upon completion and practice, students will gain enough confidence and  knowledge to perform up to a 2 hour Ashiatsu including posterior, anterior and side lying barefoot massage techniques.

DeepFeet 2 (DF2)
16 CE Credits | 2 Days
​Tuition $500  | Deposit $200
Pre-Requisite: Certified in Basics
Safety Pre-Requisite: Ability to hold 40% of your body weight off partner

This dynamic advance course level is best suited for the barefoot basics graduate who has had time to acquire some clinical experience and are ready to take their barefoot skill set to the next level.  You will need upper arm and core strength in addition to balance and coordination to deliver comfortable two-footed moves to your training partner.

Theory and lecture focuses on specific back conditions while identifying and qualifying clients for this treatment. At the end of this 2 day course, you will have learned advance concepts using two feet to spread and elongate chronic shortened muscle tissue and have many more barefoot strokes to add to most Ashiatsu treatments. You will master the art of fusing science, movement, healing, and rhythm into a seamless flowing barefoot dance. This course level and master training is truly is the essence of our advanced training program.

Rebecca | Instructor

About a year after graduating massage school, I knew I was in trouble. Every night I would come home in pain from a full day of deep tissue massages and wonder if there was a better way. It took me another couple years to find what I was looking for, but oh boy did it all change after I attended my first Ashi class in 2011! Almost seven years later I have a successful career all based around Ashiatsu. And now I have the opportunity to help others find out how amazing and rewarding this type of massage can be; working smarter not harder. Our classroom is half way between Chicago and Detroit and has plenty of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. I invite you to come and see where Ashiatsu can take you!

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2022 Class Schedule

For more information or to register for a class, please visit

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